The Richard Ellmann Lecture in Modern Literature.

An Emory University literary event held every two years. The Paul Simon lecture was the first to feature a songwriter. It was promoted twice, as it was initially scheduled for the spring and was reschedule in the fall.


Promotion for the Margaret Atwood Richard Ellmann Lectures in Modern Literature event. This event occurs at Emory University every two years. This was the ten lecture in the series. 


Exhibition catalog introducing the Raymond Danowski Poetry Library. 

The Raymond Danowski Poetry Library is a 75,000 volume collection of rare and first editions of modern and contemporary poetry, literary journals, broadsides, manuscripts, audiovisual materials, and rare objects. 

The exhibition displayed a small portion of the collection touching an sample of the first editions, author collections, and small press hand constructed pieces. 


Celtic Christmas event poster. 

Illustration based on imagery from the Book of Kells.