Emory Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing BSN and MSN recruitment series.

Preparing Visonary Nursing Leaders through experience and resources.
Search pieces, handbooks, posters, postcard, ads, graphics, templates. Photography by Bryan Meltz and Ann Borden. 


Emory College and Oxford College recruitment series.

Recruitment series for Emory College and Oxford College dual admissions options.
The road piece is a double-parallel fold and the view book is a doses-doe construction. These are part of an extensive recruitment series and are part of a collaborative series. Photography by Ann Borden, Bryan Meltz and Kay Hinton. 


Emory Candler School of Theology Masters recruitment series.

Perspectives on religions and perspective in photographic approach of space, ritual, and symbolism.
Viewbook, search piece, and postcard series. Photography by Jon Rou. 


Emory College of Arts & Sciences, undergraduate recruitment series proposed branding.

Part of a concept brainstorming collaboration within Emory Creative Group for admissions.
This viewbook and ad storyboard are part of a collaborative series. 
Photography by Ann Borden, Kay Hinton, and Bryan Meltz. Ad photography by Bryan Meltz.